How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

~Maya Angelou

The Interfaith Center of Light’s ministry for women, the Pink Door , celebrates and enables all women to identify, claim, and hold on to our spirituality, divine femininity, and personal uniqueness. Our core values are designed for modern-day women who embrace all traditional tenets. Conversely, all are welcome to participate in this ministry.

Our main objective is to provide spiritually-based principles to help develop women’s faith, courage, and wisdom. This women’s ministry is also a vessel for prospective leaders in our communities. Together we work in harmony to co-create a balanced educational platform of outreach, in-reach, global scripture studies, fellowship, and universal discipleship.

At the Pink Door we welcome you no matter your spiritual path (or none) or relational orientation; we encourage women for the same reasons that you do. We believe that our wisdom studies and events are tools we can all use to project the love of our Divine Being, and to help to heighten our innate consciousness. We assert that this new-found awareness in most cases can then be possibly filtered into our own lives, into the lives of those in our circles, and within our everyday interactions.

Here are some of our Colorado programs:

Women’s Yearly Retreat – Held annually. Stay Tuned!

Sacred Dialogues in Sisterhood – Monthly gatherings with inspiring members of our community to share about their life-work in the communities we reside.

Cup of tea and flowers (Alstroemeria)

In the Spirit of Tea: Afternoon Chats for Women- A monthly Sunday afternoon event held from November to April where women meet to converse at tea parties, and to listen to and dialogue with one of our many local guest speakers.

Fiber Arts Ministry – Is a group of women and women, men and men or women and men, who meet bi-weekly to work on their crafts or art forms while dialoguing about their innate spiritual existence. Creations are donated to local organizations. Please see the Center’s bulletin for schedule or call the Center’s office for more information.

Spiritual Book Club – To meet and discuss several books suggested and voted upon by those in our women’s circle.

Annual Programs:

Women’s Yearly Retreat – Held annually. Stay Tuned!

Yearly High Tea & Baby Shower – Each year in support of women’s shelters in the communities we serve, we have a stylish, Victorian tea party in which we ask each guest to bring a wrapped baby present to donate to a local women’s shelter. Stay tuned!



For more information please contact The Interfaith Center of Light’s main office

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