In the same way, the women are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers, but temperate and trustworthy in everything.

Timothy 3:11

Joyous Life. Precious Loves. Scrumptious Foods

CharlotteO’s journal & blog, the Glorious Life , celebrates and enables all women to identify, claim, and hold on to our spirituality, divine femininity, and personal uniqueness. Our core values are designed for the modern-day woman who embrace and accept Jesus as her savior. However, all are welcome to participate in this ministry.

Our main objective is to provide spiritually-based principles to help develop women’s faith, courage, and wisdom. This women’s ministry is also a vessel for prospective leaders in our communities. Together we work in harmony to co-create a balanced educational platform of outreach, in-reach, scripture studies, fellowship, and universal Christian discipleship.

At the Pink Door we welcome you to take this path with us as we encourage women for the same reasons that you do. We believe that our Christian-wisdom studies and events are tools we can all use to project the love of our God, and to help to heighten our innate God-inspired talents. We assert that this new-found awareness in most cases can then be possibly filtered into our own lives, into the lives of those in our circles, and within our everyday interactions.

Please reach out if we can assist you in anyway.

Many blessings,

The Pink Door Team

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